Your 'True Soul' self allows you to be empowered and confident in who you are and what you do. Through a discovery, we start to peel away all of these experiences of the past and distinguish the voice of your true self from the voice of your false self.  Once the voice becomes clear, your ability to make makes choices that are in your best interest become easier and sabotaging thoughts, feelings and actions have less control of you. 

Nothing is too big to handle. 

 I use many different tools in my practice, such as Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and a more process oriented system where we explore patterns of the past and see how they relate to the present. Through a consultation meeting we begin to create and discover what would be best for you by developing a plan and working through issues in the most efficient way possible.


As a queer woman myself, I'm familar with the complex issues that we face within our society, workplace, families and relationships. I've helped many people deal with a wide range of LGBTQIA specific issues; coming out, transitioning genders, shame and guilt around sex and everything in between. Rest assured that I understand how complicated it is and I believe you can live a fulfilling and happy life. 


Often times things get swept under the rug or conflicts don't get resolved. I help you get to the root of issues and long standing conflicts by developing and expanding your level of communication so that you can have a more dynamic and happy partnership that can weather the storms. 

Eating Disorders

There is no diet, exercise plan, fast or cleanse that is going to save you. Only you can save you. Whether you are struggling with your weight or having a hard time controlling your eating, its all inside of you.  With me, you will learn to love yourself in order to make healthy choices and alleviate the suffering caused by emotional eating and self sabotaging behaviors.